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Themed Itineraries

Italy: top destination for experiential travel.

By going on an experiential tour the traveler can see something from a completely novel and fresh perspective.

We design a lot of experiential tours connected with arts, culture, food, cuisine, gourmet cooking, and exploring the local landscape and markets. This provides the traveler with much more than simple click photographs, but with memories of a great, new, once in a lifetime experience. Italy has more UNESCO world heritage sites than any other country while its artistic and culinary heritage are the envy of any nation and it goes without saying: with 55 sites on the list in 2019 and many more who applied to be in UNESCO’s list, Italy is a gold destination that travelers can enjoy experientially from all perspective.Our purpose is to let travelers know about new ways of experiencing Italy as a destination by promoting innovative travel experiences, from historical or artistic paths to high panoramic, cultural routes, cycle paths, horseback riding. While sustainable tourism keeps being a priority, the project aims to show the uniqueness of Italy, its regions, its people by enhancing the experience of the travelers. From taking cooking classes to learn photography to visiting the most hidden parts of a big city. experiential tourism offers can apply to every possible scenario.

Inspiring Experiences.

The itineraries featured in our themed tours serve as an inspiration for a tour that we would be pleased to arrange for you if you so wish. However, we will be equally happy to provide you with a tailor-made program that you feel would best suit your needs.