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The new frontier of tourism in Italy.

We focus our programs on ecotourism and sustainable tourism in Italy.

First Guest aim to make every citizen of the world associate Italy with passion, culture, art, nature, food and wine an not only with the main italian classic destinations.

First Guest sustain pioneering initiatives that offers sustainable ecotourism experiences in Italy, ensuring the traveler his contribution to the local development and to the conservation of biodiversity in the protected areas he visits and in the tourist services he enjoys. We design authentic ecotourism journeys based on discovering natural and cultural values, developed by local businesses, offering local products. We direct the customer to protected areas throughout Italy which stand out for their landscapes and for implementing a sustainable tourist plan. Professional and high quality accommodation and tourist services, which collaborate with the protected areas, supporting the conservation and the local development. Experiences and various activities suitable for all ages and interests, to enjoy while discovering the spaces (birdwatching, wildwatching, hiking, cycling, cultural activities, local gastronomy, etc.).This is the true spirit of the journey. You can immerse yourself in the local reality without altering the balance, but at the same time offering opportunities for income and work, you will increase the awareness of conservation of the natural and cultural aspects of the local people. Our aim is to discover for you those places where you can feel and taste the ‘real spirit’ of Italy. Off the beaten track, in unknown parts of Italy, but even close to known tourist areas we discover those authentic places most tourist don’t get to.

 Designing Sustainable Travels in Italy.

We offer authentic tourist experiences that celebrate and conserve heritage and culture, natural environments, wildlife and natural resources.