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Discover the italian region diversity.

Which italian region suits your taste?

If you’re planning a trip to Italy, knowing Italy’s regions is a great place to start to design your bespoke trip.

Italy has become one unified nation only in 1861 and before that time it was divided into many reigns and republics, each one with its own administration, currency, language and many traditions. This explains why, even today, traditions, uses, food, wine, dialects and accents, even natural and architectural landscapes vary greatly from region to region and the inhabitants of each region are very proud of their own traditions. This is what makes Italy so interesting, because in a relatively small space, from North to South, from East to West, there is something for each taste. All regions of Italy offer a variety of attractions, from the high snowy mountains where to ski and do other winter sports and admire the landscape, especially along the northern border but also in some areas of the Apennines; cities of art big and small; gastronomical deliciousness with the different typical regional dishes and recipes, local handicrafts through the peninsula, from glasses to jewels, to laces, natural beauties on the mountains, in the countryside, by the seaside. An inspiration for artists, writers and poets, the sheer variety of landscapes in Italy is accompanied by the scents of the rich Mediterranean vegetation, the sounds of the language and the music, the pleasant warmth of the southern sun, the good cuisine. Infact Italy is synonymous with good food, and yet Italian cuisine is often thought of abroad as little more than pizza and pasta, but every region has its own distinct cuisine. First Guest believes in a responsible tourism based on sustainability principles also aiming at benefiting local communities. Responsible tourism rediscoveres the unique characteristics of this nation’s natural regions hence helping in developing its traditions and Italy as a whole.

Explore Multiple Regions

Italy is defined more by the unique characteristics of each of its individual regions than by its nationwide qualities. Each boasts its own culture, landscape, attractions, and identity. With 20 distinct districts – each offering a different experience – travelers can enjoy something special in every region of Italy.