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You’ll change your perception of travel.

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Passion and Experience

Based in fabulous Rome, First Guest is the new division of First Travel Italy Group, leading provider in the industry of people travel logistics , dedicated to create the best luxury experiences Italy has to offer. First Guest boasts extensive expertise in supporting high-profile travellers across the Italy while planning their dream journeys.


Going on a tailor-made trip can bring experiences of an infinite diversity .Designing a bespoke itinerary means to be able to create a trip exactly the way customer want it. More than a luxury travel agency, we are personal travel designers, and take the time to get to know customer’s preferences. We believe that every travel experience is different, and we work with the client to create the perfect holiday. Our ‘tailor-made’ travel philosophy ensures that all clients receive unparalleled and  VIP service. Each trip starts with a personal consultation: tell us your requests and your dedicated Travel Specialist will take care of everything, understanding your needs and offering individual advice to create the perfect holiday.



Our travel specialists offer expert advice with knowledgeable insights to tailor a unique journey to remember. Whether you are looking to experience a culinary adventure, escape to a remote Italian island, or learn more about our long history, then our team of travel professionals can arrange everything for you.Our expertise means that we can look after every detail of your journey from hotels, guides and restaurants, special activities and events.


Trip by design

Designing one’s trip around a specific theme is a timeless concept.To meet the needs and interests of different travelers, we designed a spectrum of special interest escorted tours in Italy covering a wide range of themes: Art, History, Archaeology, Gastronomy ,Religion, Folklore festivals, Golf, Hunting, Diving Tours, Photography, Health and well being.


Ecotourism and sustainability in Italy

About Sustainable Tourism in Italy

Enjoy an Overview of Italian Destinations Less Known by Tourists

You’ll change your perception of travel.

Anyone can travel, but not everyone knows how to explore.

The experiences may be created by us, but they are always inspired by you.

Set your imagination free so we can create unique itineraries that will leave you with unforgettable memories.Take a look at where you’ve been and where you are going next, and begin to imagine where your own unique experience could take you.

Remarkable destinations

Let First Guest inspire you. Each itinerary we create is designed around your own desire for travel and transformed into something completely customized… but first, why not whet your appetite with a few of our own favourite remarkable italian destinations?

Experience Italy through the regions

Our offering is aimed to let our travellers discover the  Regions of Italy with our local territory specialist who, with their specific knowledge, will allow you to feel the true essence of Italy.

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